It's A Vibe Candles

Introducing It's A Vibe Luxury Fragrance Company

Imagine walking into your home and having the stress and drama of the outside world instantly fade away. Having a sense of serene peace and security immediately washing over you. Walking into a room and receiving an instant boost of energy and having your mental fog drift away with the fatigue and stress. That's what the power of scent can do for you.

"Home fragrance adds a sense of comfort and luxury to your home" - Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

It's A Vibe Luxury Fragrance Company incorporates the sophisticated nuances of fine fragrance into affordable luxury fragrances for the home. Our selection of high quality candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and oils, room sprays, and body butters, utilize principles of aromacology to fill your home with peace, wellness, prosperity, and joy. So whether you are relaxing at home alone, entertaining guests, or getting some work done, or getting that workout in, your homes ambiance will match your vibe. 



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